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I’ve been holding onto this VERY EXCITING news (who know how!?) and keeping as quiet as I could since last December now, fearing the worst… that somehow, something might go wrong and my biggest dream for the year might not come true.

BUT now? Well, I’m soooo happy to say that it’s come true! Nek actually got his visa granted, so we’ve booked the flights and we will be off to AUSTRALIA!!!!

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I can’t begin to tell you all, or even try to put into words how STOKED I am about this trip. For one, I’m dying to see my family again (as most of my friends and clients know) all of my close family and I made trips here and there within just a few months of each other, meaning we all saw each other around the same time and haven’t since. So it worked out that it’s been nearly two years since we all saw each other in person (I mean, I’m sure my brother will look completely different than when I last saw him – I’m talking different coloured hair and new piercings/tattoos, people!) and all I can say is… I love the internet. Thank god for Viber. and Skype. And Whats App. Oh, and snapchat, which is apparently the only social media/application cool enough for my brother to use, so I have the app to communicate solely with him! haha 😉

For another, well, I get to show Nek around the AU-land! I just know he’s going to LOVE it!! When we first met, Australia was the country he most wanted to go to, and we are finally getting the chance to go together! I’m sure there will be surfing. And shark catching (by mistake, as my dad did yesterday morning). And Great Ocean Road.. road trips.

Back to the awesome dealeo/announcement thing we’ve got going on…

I just wanted to say, if you or any one you know and love would be interested in having Cherry May Ward photograph you while we are there… please feel free to get in touch. You can email me at hello@cherrymayward.com, I can’t wait to hear what you have in mind!! 🙂

We will be spreading our time between 3 cities, because I have family ALL over the place haha 😉


First up is Gold Coast (for one night) the we are off to Cairns. We will arrive 15th October 2014 for one night& day in the beautiful Gold Coast, then we will fly to Cairns the next day on the 16th October and stay approximately 2.5 weeks then head to Sydney for 1.5 weeks, then Melbourne for, you guessed it, two weeks! Then we fly back to Thailand just in time for the busy season here in December.

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Gold Coast, Queensland
15th October 2014 – 16th October 2014 (A full day & a half!) 
Cairns, Queensland
16th October – (approximately) 30th October
Sydney, New South Whales
(approximately) 30th October – 14th November
Melbourne, Victoria
(approximately) 14th November – 29th November

I am hoping to get lots of family and friends time in of course, but would also like to devote some time to photography while there, as I’d LOVE to get to go back more often, and there’s nothing I love more that travelling and working at the same time…  😀

The dates above are approximate at the moment (although they won’t be much different, just depends on the cheapest domestic flights at the end of the day), the two certain dates are the arrival and departure dates (and that’s how we like to travel haha, not too much planning!) .

I really am open to anything, I’m a couples & wedding photographer, so I LOVE photographing love… think engagement photography, proposing, elopements, a lifestyle shoot with a couple who loves to SURF, any kind of styled/conceptual shoot with a model or couple, I’d love to hear from you!

Ohhh and it’s my dream to shoot a couple on top of the cliffs down south along the Great Ocean Road, I just want to put the idea out there, because I know it’s do-able, and would be so amazingly beautiful!!!

Also, if you are a photographer… I’d love to meet up! I love meeting new photographers and making friends!!!

A very HAPPY WEDNESDAY, from an oh-so-excited Cherry!



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