Sunsets and goals

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I know my journey isn’t any harder or easier than anyone else’s, but sometimes I find myself fall into this rut. I find myself listening to the voice inside my head telling me I can’t do this from where I am, there are not photographers around to let me second shoot… I know I need to ignore that and push through, keep on running towards the finish line of where my goals are and learn how to muffle the sound of that voice along the way.

I’ll be honest, this scares me. What I want to do. It scares me so much so that fits of nervous, hot tears have burst out of my eyes at times when I have been required to appear in control, preparing myself for something big.

In the past few months I have seen my dreams morph into ideas and those ideas begin to form the basis of what is to be my future. Even from turning something I never used to think was possible into something this refined shocks me, and I am proud to see it happen.

I want to begin showing some of the photographs I have been taking lately, this is from when my boyfriend, Nek and I went to Nathon for a refreshing drive. 


We’d never been here before but found this gorgeous location for to watch and shoot the sunset.

Happy Tuesday!


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