Sea Dance Resort, Koh Samui Proposal: Luisa + Waleed

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Just got engaged with Marry Me sign in the background
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Waleed wanted to propose to his girlfriend Luisa on Koh Samui with a beautiful relaxed + romantic beach setting for just the two of them and contacted Jacqui of Samui Wedding and Events¬†who helped him create this beautiful set up at Sea Dance Resort that you’ll see below. Proposal are THE MOST nerve wreaking thing for me as a photographer (and my clients, obviously!), as it’s usually such a quick thing to try and capture just right, especailly if there are fireworks of some kind of lighting display added!

Proposal setup on Koh Samui with fairy lights and candles

Sea Dance Koh Samui Private proposal set up

man on one knee proposing to his girlfriend on Koh Samui with Marry Me fireworks

Sea Dance Resort Koh Samui private proposal with Marry Me sign in background

Just got engaged with Marry Me sign in the background

engaged couple holding hands and hugging after Sea Dance Koh Samui proposal

Romantic Koh Samui proposal at night time, couple looking into each others eyes

Couple's engagement ring

Couple standing together talking after getting engaged

Romantic proposal details, sparkling wine and bean bags on the beach

woman looking at her fiance on Koh Samui

couple celebrating their engagement on the beach

Romantic private proposal at Sea Dance Resort, Koh Samui

Happy moments after getting engaged on Koh Samui, couple sitting on a bean bag on the beach

Romantic proposal on the beach just two people, private proposal

couple just engaged sitting on bean bags on the beach

romantic Koh Samui proposal moment

Koh Samui proposal ideas and details, champagne to celebrate

Happy couple looking at engagement ring on Koh Samui

Koh Samui proposal photos on the beach at night

Night time couple photos on the beach, Koh Samui photographer

Koh Samui proposal and engagement photos

beautiful couple photos at night on the beach with amazing light on Samui

Venue: Sea Dance Resort

Planning + Set Up: Samui Weddings and Events

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