[pre-wedding] Laura and Richard, Crystal Bay, Koh Samui

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We planned to meet at Crystal Bay resort and go from there. Laura sent me a message worried about the weather, and we decided to just go with it, and I’m so happy we did! Take a look at how gorgeous these photos & the weather turned out! 
Richard first saw Laura in Top Man while shopping and ended up buying something just to get to talk to her. Later that night at the pub, he was being introduced by mutual friends to her and her boyfriend at the time. Apparently there was a lot of Facebook stalking for some crazy amount of time, and in the end it was ‘Rich’ (as Laura loves to call him) sending her a Facebook message asking if she was still dating anyone that sealed the deal of their first date. Now Laura and I actually have a great talent in common… clumsiness, and yes, I say it’s a talent as it’s very useful to entertain people when they need a laugh! Which is exactly how she helped calm the nerves of their first date… slipping and spilling hot chocolate all over herself and the floor! I love that as I’ve given up trying not to be clumsy and my natural response is to just laugh at myself 😉 Be warned future brides, something awkward could happen during our photo sessions!
I say you both make a gorgeous couple and I’m so happy to have met you and photographed you for your wedding and pre-wedding! Here’s to all the happiness in the world xxx

I love days like this when the water is so calm it looks flat, and the blue.. ahhh <3

 Laura, seriously, you are so beautiful!

Laura and Richard are actually British, but they’ve gone and moved to Perth in Australia. Richard actually owns his own business there and you can tell how proud Laura and his family are of him.

Gorgeous windswept hair 🙂 I love it !

Then the sun set and make my “professional models” glow. Rich insists that I was lucky to get to work with professionals and reminded me that he modeled as a teenager every time I said “Oohhhh that’s gorgeous guys!”.

Proof I’m funny! Hmmm … or was it Rich?


I’ll be posting their WEDDING up soon and I can’t wait to share their beautiful day with you 🙂

Happy Friday!! xx


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