[personal] The Best Valentines / Makaboocha Day Ever :)

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Dear future self,

I’m writing this because I want you to be looking back one day and let this post put a smile on your face like it was yesterday (which it was yesterday, as of today, ha!)… and let this post remind you to chill out, if only once in a while, and let this post remind you to love more fully and be more grateful, as often as possible 🙂

In the evening we were in Maenam about to go to the temple for Makaboocha Day, and I was surprised when Nek asked the lady at the shop how much one of the bunches of flowers were, ha! In my head I was thinking ‘Nek, those aren’t the flowers you buy to take around the temple’..  After getting our actual bunch of daisies, incense and candles (times two), he turned to the lady and bought the bunch of flowers and then gave them to me!

I even tried to make him give them back before accepting them, haha! They were too expensive! (It’s easy to tell who is the cheap-o of the two of us!)

When Nek said “I worked hard to buy these for you” and I just melted 🙂

Here we are at the temple for Makaboocha 🙂

He also surprised me by getting me a dolphin tail pendant which I love 🙂

The rest of the night we spent with the boys who work with us from Mini Bar and one of their girlfriends, it was so much fun eating until we couldn’t eat anymore and then going to Bon Neun, a place known for their teas and laughing until we were all about to all fall asleep.

I hope you had a happy valentines day, where ever you were in the world.



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