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When I was 15 or 16 or so, I picked up an SLR camera for the first time. It was my sisters’.

All I remember is that it felt good, and I felt passionate about taking photographs. At the time I wasn’t any good, of course but I remember this one time when we were out at a party with my dad and a family friend who was into photography gave me some of the first tips which really helped me… “Put your camera into ‘M’ (or Manual Mode) and don’t turn it back”… and I’m so grateful for that because ever since I’ve had my cameras in ‘M’ it has pushed me to learn more about photography and improve on my mistakes a lot in the early stages.

I had always wanted to go into photography at university and study it, but I changed my mind at the last minute and went with hospitality management as I thought it would be too hard to turn my then hobby into a career. After finishing my first year in uni, I decided to continue working in hotels as I was happier working at that time. I then went on a trip to Thailand with my friend and her family, and toward the end of their stay,  I stayed on in Maenam at one of my old neighbours’ house on Koh Samui.
…Which is when I met Nek!…
He was doing a dive masters course with my neighbour and we got to hang out, we fell in love and I went back to Australia with the intention to resign from my job and move over to Koh Samui in the next months. I had always known I would move back to Thailand one day, so meeting Nek helped make the move come sooner that I had expected!
Once I moved to Koh Samui I got some jobs in hotels, only they weren’t making me that happy..  Nek could see that and pushed me to try and do something with my photography, as I was always talking about it! So I ended up taking the leap! I had saved up enough money from working in the hotels by then, so I handed in my resignation with my 3 months notice and started making business plans.
Couple in love walking in the water, man carrying woman in the sea, romantic beach photos on Koh Samui, Thailand wedding and love story photographer
I love photography because I love think that I can eternalise memories with it.
Memories fade…  and there are so many good moments in life we shouldn’t take for granted, especially those spent with our loved ones…
Koh Samui couples photography, romantic sunset photograph on the beach, Nathon Sunset
I love to get to know my couples well because I like to get a feel for their personalities, and to try and capture that in it’s most natural state, is awesome, I think. If I can capture some photographs of the two of you that just warm your heart and make you feel something, then as far as I’m concerned I’ve done what I set out to do!
Wedding photographer on Koh Samui, Love Story Photography, Couple hugging, man lifting woman and kissing her cheek, couple in love,
I can’t even describe how happy I’ve been since I started my business. Wedding and couples’ love story photography is perfect for me as I love meeting new people and making friends, and I love helping others, and I feel like my photography is something my clients can treasure for years to come, to look back on a happy memory of them just being themselves, together.
Much LOVE and hugs on this lovely Monday! C x

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  1. Alex says:


    I *love* how you told your story here, and love the many serendipitous moments – so beautiful. More than anything, I love that you followed your passion + intuition. You can NEVER go wrong when you do that. Plus, your photos are gorgeous! LOVE IT 🙂 What's it like living in Thailand? Seems like an incredible place! My sister and boyfriend have been, but I never have – it's on my list 🙂


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