[Love Story] Sandy + Barry, Conrad Samui

love story
cute couples photos on Koh Samui, natural couples photos on Koh Samui, Thailand wedding photographer
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Sandy was referred to me by my amazing past client, now friend [and photography enthusiast], Justin! I’m SO grateful to Justin + Terry (they have actualy referred me to two of their friends who eneded up booking a session with me!), I can tell you right now, there is no bigger compliment that recommending me to your friends!

So I chatted with Sandy leading up to our session, the more I did, the more I came to adore her. They stayed at the Conrad, Koh Samui and I went to meet them there to take them down to a beach closeby for the first portion of our session.
Conrad Koh Samui entrance sign

view from the conrad Koh Samui, Samui wedding photographer

Sandy + Barry are such a cute couple and I couldn’t have hoped to spend the afternoon with nicer people!

couple walking on the beach

engagement photographs on Koh Samui
professional engagement photographer in Thailand, Koh Samui

Couple walking on the beach together in Koh Samui

beautiful photo of a couple on the beach with palm trees, Koh Samui professional photographer

I loved getting to know them as a couple and watch them begin to relax in front of my camera after a bit things became natural and we just had fun with it!

couple laughing on the beach on Koh Samui

I love piggy backs and so does Sandy. 😀

Couple piggy back on Koh Samui, cute couples photos, natural moments in Thailand

Couple piggy backing on Koh Samui, cute couples photos, natural moments captured by professional photographer

Uhhhh, SO beautiful!

woman's portrait on the beach, beautiful woman in pastel colours on the beach

woman sitting on a log on the beach, floral beach dress

couple sitting on a log on the beach sharing a kiss

intimate moments between a couple, natural love story photographer on Koh Samui

detail photograph of a couple hands and feet

cute couples photos on Koh Samui, natural couples photos on Koh Samui, Thailand wedding photographer

black and white photograph of a couple laughing

I had fun discovering this must’ve been how Barry secretly won her over, with his awesome foot massage powers 😉

cute couple laughing while giving a foot massage

fun and natural couples photography on Koh Samui

We stopped for some quick refreshments before continuing on…

Koh Samui photographer, coke in a glass bottle, Koh Samui female wedding photographer

beautiful couple photos on Koh Samui, Koh Samui engagement photographer, Thailand wedding photographer

Koh Samui love story photographer

Next stop; we went to a nearby Mangrove forrest which was very peaceful + nature-y!

couple hugging in mangrove forrest

boho portraits on Koh Samui, feminine portraits, couple and love story photographer on koh samui

couples portraits in mangrove forrest Koh Samui photographer
couple holding hands, fun engagement photographer on Koh Samui

cute portrait of woman on Koh Samui in mangrove forrest
a couple sharing an intimate moment on Koh Samui

Lastly we headed back to the Conrad for some sunset photographs and got the last of the light, what a perfect day 🙂

woman looking back at camera, Koh Samui love story photography

intimate hugs at Conrad Koh Samui

Couples photographer on Koh Samui, Thailand wedding photographer
Couple laughing, couple sharing an intimate moment together

Love Story Photograph at Conrad Koh Samui, tip toes, Couple hugging

Love Story Photographer on Koh Samui, Couple kissing on the beach at sunset

Sunset view from Conrad Koh Samui


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