[honeymoon] Amanda and Michael, Chaweng and Crystal Bay, Koh Samui

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A while ago I had the amazing chance to meet and photograph a simply gorgeous couple of fellow Aussies, and I’ve got to tell you it felt so great to be able to joke around and act like the goof I am trying to get these two to laugh in front of my lense! At least we could fall back and relax knowing that we would get each other’s crazy Aussie humour (I hope!).

Amanda and Michael, I am soo happy you got up at the crack of dawn to take some photographs of your honeymoon.. you are seriously too cute together! I love how you whispered sweet secrets into each others ears and left me to capture your love, and I know our morning didn’t feel so much like a photoshoot as much as just chillin’, Koh Samui style. I hope with all my heart you enjoyed it as much as I did!

TRULY looking forward to your next visit to Thailand! xxx

Enjoy your time together before you head back to work, hopefully these pictures will bring you back to Samui even if it’s just for a few minutes πŸ™‚


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