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Late last year, I worked on a collaboration shoot with an awesome friend of mine, Amanda and Minali. They both used to live on Samui (but have since done their separate ways to Australia and the US) with me and we would always meetup and go to fitness classes together, or do something active. I loved being around positive inspiring women, always ready to give you a positive boost whenever I needed! I really loved working with them on the collaboration and I loved all of the images so I wanted to share them here with you on the blog.

The inspiration for the shoot was an active lifestyle and bright happy colours to complement Thai Healthy Life.

Australian beach, yoga photography, cobra yoga pose

beautiful beach, yoga photos, woman on beach

sunny beach, yoga fitness photos, woman opening bottle

beach in Australia, beach photos, woman standing on beach

blue blanket, product photo, blue pea flower




Location: Samui

Model: Amanda

Stylist: Minali

Brand: Thai Healthy Life

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