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To my dearly beloved past and current clients & who have become FRIENDS,

I’ve always wanted a way to THANK everyone who loves my work enough to refer me to their friends or family… so today I’m really excited to announce my very own way of giving back!!

Cue… drumroll (or dance music, which ever floats your boat) …

I’m so excited to be offering 20 free prints from your photography session with me, when a friend or family member you referred books me as their photographer!

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Haha, please ignore the cracked walls from our bungalow 😉

BUT feel free to LOVE my work desk!!! Nek and I had it hand made last October out of old wood & I’m so in love with it! Perfect size, awesome colours… it INSPIRES me 😀

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SO… the details about these babies….

You can choose your favourite size from:

7x7cm square

7×8.2cm rectangle – similar to pictured with the white space below the photo like a polariod 🙂

6.5x10cm rectangle – same as above 🙂

9.5x14cm rectangle – pictured 😀

I LOVE these little cuties, because there are SO many ways you can use them 🙂

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Right now I’ve got a stack of them propped up against my flowers & candle on my work desk.

But you could totally find some ideas on Pinterest! I found a few I like and want to do myself, actually.

Happy Chinese New Year!!


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