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Good afternoon… I decided to join a blogging challenge called the Feel Good Blogging Challenge which will require me to write a post each day for the next 7 days! How exciting!

In this first post I’ll be introducing… me! So, here we go!


Hi, I’m Cherry as you might already know 🙂 I’m a photographer based in Thailand on the gorgeous island of Koh Samui (although right now I’m on holiday visiting my family in Australia!), however I LOVE to travel and love it when clients book a destination wedding or love story session anywhere else in Thailand! I live with my boyfriend, Nek (who is in Australia with me right now) and between us both, we own 3 businesses, so it can get a little busy at times 😉 I have loved photography since I was young and I wouldn’t be happier doing anything else for a living! Wedding days are so much fun and I love spending the time to get to know my clients leading up to their big day so that by the time their wedding day does come around, we’re great friends already!
I started blogging a few months before I had started up my business to get a feel for writing, which is probably about 2 years ago now! I’ll let you in on a secret, and that is that I actually used to dislike blogs and was kind of scared to start my own, as I thought they were all just to talk, talk and talk about yourself for others to read… however as soon as I started reading some of the other blogs out there I realised that most blog posts are actually quite informative in which ever topic the writer is writing about, and of course, that blogs are great marketing tools (apparently google loves blog posts!) as well. So I knew having a blog would be a great way to put my work out there for my future clients to see and also for them to get to know me a little as sometimes I mix in some personal blog posts as well about my daily life in Thailand.
Lately, I’ve just been very proud of how my business has improved in 2014… I have reached most of the mid year goals I had for the end of this year already AND Nek and I have been able to take all this time off to finally come and visit my family in Australia, which is a HUGE step for us last year it was still unclear about when we would be able to visit!
When you read this blog, whether you’re a future / past client, my family or friends or you’ve just found this by accident, I hope you can really feel how much I love my job in meeting and getting my clients and also just the aspect of being a photographer, I mean this has been my dream job since I was 16, and I’m actually living it! And I also hope (that if you are thinking about becoming a client and choosing me as you photographer in Thailand) that my personality shines though, just enough for you to gauge whether you like me or not, because there is nothing more awesome than working with a photographer who you like and want to be friends with, trust me 🙂
Now, we’ve only been here in Australia for four days so far, but here are some photos from our trip so far… we’ve brought our GoPro with us which is handy to have while travelling!
We arrived in the Gold Coast from BKK and had to stay overnight there to wait for next days’ flight to Cairns, so we did what tourists do and visited Surfers’ Paradise Beach… 🙂
Surfers Paradise Beach, Gold Coast, Thailand wedding photographer, travelling Australia,beautiful Australian Beaches




Gold Coast, Australia, Lifeguard stand, Surfers Paradise beach

Nek just had to document me getting on the plane..


My Dad and I reunited after nearly 2 years!
<3 <3 <3

My dad is a bit of a paparazzi himself, when asked to take 1 photo, we’ll get the camera back with 10 new ones!
Three of the people I love most in the world! My dad, step mum Rob and Nek!  🙂 <3 <3
Amanda, Michael (one of my first ever couples I photographed! You can see their session here..) and their gorgeous new little addition to their family,  and Nek and I caught up yesterday in Cairns… so wonderful to get to catch up with my clients and now friends after so long!!
The view from Dad’s balcony… gorgeous! This place totally suits him 🙂
Happy beautiful SUNDAY from sunny Cairns to YOU! x

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