Catch those rare rays of sunlight and don’t let go!

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After nearly a week of rainy weather here on Koh Samui the skies cleared up for us all to have a wonderful day on Sunday. It was sweet, a welcome break from the rush life seems to be bringing us these days. We didn’t do anything highly entertaining, but I still feel like I accomplished something. Peace, quiet and relaxation. Those are moments I hardly ever allow myself. Working full time while trying to start up a small photography business for yourself is hard, I’ll give you that. Around the time my to-do list became a to-do book, I started to feel more like I was becoming an expert procrastinator, I bet could show you how to procrastinate with 100% efficiency, no kidding. 

This was my favorite part of yesterday, spending 4PM at the beach 🙂

This is Lufie, our six month pup 🙂

Happy Monday <3


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