Fitness Lifestyle Session: Amanda

Health + Fitnesslifestyle

Late last year, I worked on a collaboration shoot with an awesome friend of mine, Amanda and Minali. They both used to live on Samui (but have since done their separate ways to Australia and the US) with me and we would always meetup and go to fitness classes together, or do something active. I […]

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Introducing CMW Lifestyle + Product Photography


Good Morning! I haven’t posted an update on my blog in a while because I’ve been working on some exciting things. I’ve decided to take CMW Photography in a new direction and am super excited to announce that I’m now offering lifestyle as well as product photography! I wanted to branch back out into what […]

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YL Residence Wedding : Yao + Wei


They met when they were both studying at university in the US, and it seemed like their stories were meant to intertwine. 6 years later and they’re getting married! Being from different parts of China, they wanted to celebrate they wedding closer to their families but still far enough to ensure a good holiday week for […]

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Taling Ngam Wedding: Eva + Florian


For a couple who’s been together more than 10 years, the wedding day is just a another day of many happy memories made. They had their legal marriage done in London where they both live with a few close friends witness their commitment, but they were saving up for this day to celebrate with all […]

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Tongsai Bay Wedding: Abby + Scott


After meeting on a night out, Scott got her number and took her out on a date at pizza hut. After that they were just always together. In searching for a venue in England, nothing caught their interest and so they decided to look for something in Thailand which had been one of their dream destinations […]

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